SMPAV – Vantage Venues


The virtual meeting world can be confusing with many platforms competing for supremacy and let’s face it, driving engagement and collaboration is a lot harder these days. Do you have presenters connecting remotely via ZoomMicrosoft TeamsGoogle MeetWebExBlueJeans? Fear not, with our dedicated control center and decades of video conferencing expertise, we can connect any presenter from anywhere and deliver their message to a global online audience via any platform, including our own custom developed platform and an ultra reliable, global CDN.

For complex events requiring sophisticated branding and lower thirds, our team of experts can easily connect your presenters via Rendezvous or vMix Call, bringing them directly into production suites such as WirecastvMixOBS, among others, and deliver content seamlessly using established technologies such as NDI and RTMP to any delivery platform.

Does your event require a straight forward and cost effective virtual platform such as our own in-house developed solution or do you require a complex all-in-one event management platform? BYOL (bring your own license) or let us handle all licensing requirements and back-end management.


  • Professional production using redundant equipment, primary / backup broadcast hardware avoiding shortfalls of disconnecting online attendees.
  • With redundant internet access at Vantage, 2x 1Gbps fiber circuits (Beanfield/Cogent) and mobile LTE platform, broadcasts are ensured seamless continuity.
  • Dedicated live tech support throughout the event, monitoring all aspects to ensure everything is at peak performance.
  • Exceptionally skilled techs, AV and IT, fully versed in multiple broadcasting technologies.


  • Complimentary 5 hours pre-recorded material capturing
  • Complimentary hardware, such as external cameras, lapel microphones and green screens, shipped to presenters in advance to ensure professional results.
  • Full support for presenters to ensure their comfort levels with the platform are met.
  • Full HD on-demand archive access on internal, secure servers
  • Extensive post production, ensuring professional results
  • Direct dial for tech support, standard tech included providing support via chat.


  • Full branding possibilities for registration / landing page hosted on in-house servers.
  • Full branding of streams going to any platform. Add your logo, lower thirds for a professional look.
  • Fully customizable web portal for easy access by attendees, links to main event, sessions, event content, networking rooms, Q&A, chat, etc.
  • Email notification customizations, embedded URLs, download links to content, etc.
  • VOD portal access, capturing additional metrics, sessions viewed, etc

Professional events require professional techs! The Vantage AV team has been producing professional, high profile, webcasts, webinars, hybrid and virtual for over 10 years across the GTA. Our team provides bespoke services, for your webinar/webcast/virtual meeting. Contact us today for a stress free tech experience.