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Stable and high performance internet are the main ingredients for a successful hybrid event.

Dedicated bandwidth can be challenging and cost prohibitive at most venues.

SMPAV can support your event’s internet requirements anywhere in the GTA using mobile internet technology.


By utilizing the latest LTE modems from Telus, leveraging their ultra advanced 5G network we are able to offer up to 200Mbps for your group. (signal quality may impact performance)

Connectivity for up to 400 connections can be achieved with Cisco Meraki state of the art access points and multiple mobile internet devices.

Our knowledgeable IT experts will look after all network wiring to ensure all access points connect seamlessly and provide optimum coverage for your group.

Portable Internet Packages

Three options to choose from, from basic internet coverage to large conferences requiring multiple connections.

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Additional Data Buckets

10GB / $85

20GB / $150

40GB / $250

60GB / $350


What area does an access point cover?

We recommend one access point per room/hall/space. Commercial building have all sorts of wiring in walls/ceilings, affecting WiFi signals. In addition, to leverage the 5ghz channel, devices should be in close proximity to access point.

How many access points or LTE points do I need?

Depends on the area requiring coverage. The more rooms, the more access points and mobile internet points are needed. One access point can handle approx. 50-60 connections with users engaged in general web usage. More demanding applications, such as Zoom, Teams, YouTube, etc. will reduce this number significantly.

What speeds should I be expecting?

Telus provides extensive coverage across the GTA. That said, there are locations that suffer from weak signals. In addition, the LTE modem should be as close to a window as possible. Basements or on very high floors in the downtown core, expect to only have 2-3 bars. In more techno terms, anywhere between -95 and -110dBm. Please call for a complimentary site visit / speed test.

Is 5ghz better than 2.4ghz?

Absolutely! Not only does 5ghz provide higher speeds, it allows for more connections due to a larger frequency spectrum, resulting in less interference. While our access points utilize band-steering, we highly recommend disabling 2.4ghz altogether, that is assuming all guests can connect using modern devices supporting 5ghz.

What if my device does not support 5ghz?

Not to worry, we can provide you with USB antennas that work with a wide range of devices including Mac OS laptops.

How much data should I order?

For average web use, email, light browsing, chat applications, etc. 10GB for approx 100 users / day. For data hungry applications, specifically video calling, Zoom, Teams, WebEx, etc. 60GB or more per day will be consumed by 100 guests.

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