SMPAV – Vantage Venues

While digital audio conferencing technologies have improved drastically over the last years, at SMPAV we still believe that combining traditional table top microphones tied into our Clearone Converge high quality audio interfaces, offer unbeatable audio quality for both local and remote participants. These devices (telephone hybrids) tie seamlessly into digital mixing boards, thereby offering unparalleled sound for both in-room as well as remote audio conferencing participants.

SMPAV can produce your audio conference from anywhere in the city using our portable internet LTE modems for ultimate failover, and utilizing our mobile Clearone Converge high quality audio interfaces with advanced AEC and Noise Cancellation.

Our technicians would be proud to manage your audio conferencing requirements, either as a separate event, or in conjunction with a meeting, presentation or hybrid event, all of which can easily be integrated with an audio conferencing component.

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